Charles L Mashburn

In 1998 I began writing poetry for Sherry. Some of the poems were good and some of them were pretty bad. I wrote hundreds of poems back in those early days, and not all of them were for, or about, Sherry. One in particular was written to honor my grandfather, Luther "Bunk" Stringer, shortly after he passed away. It's called, "Pennies From Heaven", and it was based on a short story I wrote which carries the same title. The first writing of the poem was long and, quite frankly, terrible! So I worked it down to what I thought was a passable rendition, and posted it on various poetry sites, other social media, and shared it with friends and family via email. Much to my amazement, the poem traveled all over the world via the Internet, and today, it can be found on hundreds of websites, and has been used by countless people on their products. Several times a year it will pop up on Facebook, or someone will send me an email asking if they can use it on a product or in a book. I never say no, because I figure if it blesses folks, who am I to stop it from doing so. It's on my blog (both poem and story) and you can click on the links below, if you'd like to take a look at one or both of them.



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