Charles L Mashburn

Charles L Mashburn, author of BE STILL, JUST A MAN, JUST A BOY, JULI, AND OTHERS.

We've been writing for over twenty years now, and still love it. I say "we", because without my dear wife, Sherry, I don't know if I could put anything to the page that would be worth reading. I tell the stories, and she does the editing. Most of what we write these days is what we like to call "encouragements". I'm not a preacher, teacher, or theologian, but I'm convinced God loves me--and you--and He wants me to spread that good news around. I did write a couple of novels back in the beginning, and I've written a couple hundred poems and short stories. If you'd like to read more of my encouragements, stories, and poems, visit my blog, Marbles In My Pocket   

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